Indian Fakeaway?

Hope you had a great weekend 🙂

Sometimes gets to the point where all the events / Bank Holidays can seem like they are getting in the way..

“I will start after”

Truth is?

We have to learn to adapt our nutrition and exercise around it if we want the results to be SUSTAINABLE..

Which means:

Give yourself permission to have what you want, when you want 😀

Being aware that the choices I make today impact what I achieve tomorrow.

Massively restricting your favourite foods “could” be a precursor to “giving up” and even bingeing… 

That’s why making different choices that make it easier to maintain and feel more manageable are key. 

For example, I had a question the other week about eating out. 

In fact, we have a guide on this which if you’d like to see? 

Put a “eating out” below.

But of the questions was about:

1) What to do when you’re lacking time?

2) When you’re not really sure of an alternative that will hit the spot 

And we tried this Butter Chicken in the Fruci household last week.

was delicious. 

And in terms of calories?

Easy to fit into my lifestyle, quick, easy and cheaper than the alternative!

And that’s the key question as to whether something is “good” or not..

“What’s the alternative? What would you normally have?”


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