“This is my health pension”

“This is my health pension”

That is what one of the ladies said the other day after one of the sessions. 

I was like, that is such a good analogy. I’m going to steal that one haha so here I am sharing this with you.

As It really hit me too.

She’s like, 

“yeah, I pay into it every day. My 10 minute workout, then my three sessions a week”

And it’s a good reminder today ..

what could you do to pay into your health pension? 

It is so so easy to take your health for granted. Assume we will always have it. 

As they say:

“he/ she who has their health has 1,000 wishes..He, she who doesn’t, has just one” 

And it’s super powerful as a reminder. 

So what could you do today? Is it getting your steps in? Is it getting a walk in? Is it getting outside, getting to bed by a certain time? Is it nourishing your body with nutritious foods? 

And is it even more around the way you think? 

Shifting the questions rather than,

“ why does this always happen to me?” “This is rubbish” 

Switch that to

“why does this always happen for me?”

 Rather than, 

“there’s nothing I can do about it”

 Switch that to:

“what could I do today?”

It appears that the small, seemingly insignificant decisions add up to transformational results.

so just like we are told with our financial pension to help our future..

What are you doing today to help with your health pension?


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