“I could never do that”

Great first 2 days with the Fruci Fit team at HYROX London Olympia 😀💪 excited for Day 3 today where we have doubles and the relay 💪😀 the support from all of the ladies has been amazing to see.

Awesome to see everyone have “fun” (kind of), support each other and use this as part of their motivation to push themselves out if their comfort zone and keep going. 

One of the hardest things people say to me? Finding motivation… 

Thing is though, you don’t need motivation to get started. And in fact, it comes after you get started. 

But keeping going and taking it to the next level? 

Is another conversation again. 

Something like a fitness event or goal can do wonders and give you some external motivation. Forces you to do things you probably know you need to do but don’t do on your busiest, most stressful day, which make you fitter, stronger, and actually stick to it, which is great, right? 

Because this in turn can actually turn into internal motivation, aka, you really actually learn to enjoy the benefits of being fitter, being stronger, which is what we want, right? 

So if you’re struggling to get started, maybe look at some external motivation to get you started. Is it a wedding? Is it for a holiday? The kids / grandkids and being able to keep up with them? Is it the clothes you want to fit into? Is it a fitness event that you signed up for and you now need to train for? 

Whatever it is, have some external motivation to potentially help get you started, to realise how good you can feel. 

Even me, I don’t think I really enjoy exercise, but I love the after effects.

The key part?

Get started, find your why, remind yourself of your why, set some exciting, scary goals and most importantly, have some fun along the way. 

And on the topic of Hyrox and fitness events

Super excited to announce Fruci Fit is now a Hyrox affiliate 🚀

Becoming Hyrox affiliated is a natural progression for us at Fruci Fit…

We have the equipment, we had amazing feedback from our FruciRox (so amazing to see you start where you are right now and then want to do more), we prioritise Strength, Endurance, and Form in our sessions, and not to mention we provide the recovery tools too, from yoga, to stretch, rebalance and pilates and more..…

Seeing some of the amazing ladies already this weekend and last year has also been super inspiring to watch.

It brings you:

💥 Early Release Tickets 🎟️

💥 Another Level To Your Training 🚀

💥 A Challenge/ Goal That You COULD build on from FruciRox If You Wanted (Date to be announced soon) 🥇

💥 More Motivation And Support From Like Minded Others 🤝

More on this soon…

Want to join the fun?

Reply with ‘Summer’ and I will get you the details about our next 28 Day Summer Kickstart

Which is where everyone begins their journey..

Especially if you think

“I could never do that”


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