They say no one cares about this?

So, if you’re not a football fan…today is the last day you have to put up with all of the football talk.

But what I find most interesting is how some people have said that ‘no one cares about the third vs fourth place play off”…

I mean, it’s a bit like saying that winning a bronze medal is pointless?

A bit like saying that if your kids / grandkids don’t get an A* then they might as well get an F?

And a bit like saying:

“I had a curry and too many gins last night so I may as well just eat $#*! for the whole weekend and start again next week”

And a bit like saying:

“I only lost a 1lb this week so I might as well give up…”

You see, when it comes to this weight loss and losing unwanted body fat stuff, you are NOT going to get an A* everyday. You are not going to get a gold medal, everyday…

It’s not sustainable.

And accepting THIS.

Accepting that a B grade is still better than a F…

Might just be the ONE thing that you’ve not tried before to lose the fat and actually keep it off (and get a nice new wardrobe)

Now, I’m not saying this is ‘easy’…

I mean, this is why a big part of our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme is in the support from myself and like-minded ladies and our 3F (Food, fitness and Focus) accountability system..

To help you do the things you need to do to get the results you want …

You can apply for a free trial here:


PS. It’s not failure if you learn from it…​​
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