Does this mean I’ve got fatter?

So, I’d just been for a skinny dip in the sea in Devon…

Just kidding I did wear shorts. But this is was the problem,

I noticed they were a bit tighter than usual. But by the time I walked back up this hill, I had inner thigh chafing that not even vaseline could have done anything about…

And to make matters worse?

When I went to get changed, my shorts ripped….

And there was more. I try to get my shirt on before me and Mrs Fruci go off on our ‘baby free’ date night. Only to find that my shirt no longer fits.

“$#*!…Have I got really fat?”

I think I’m pretty weird sometimes. In fact, I am pretty weird. Mrs Fruci will confirm this for you if you need confirmation.

You see, I have some ridiculous thoughts..

That I think no one else has

^^^ This is a ridiculous thought in itself lol

“One day, I’ll do [insert thing that you really want to do but make up some excuse to why you can’t to make yourself feel better]”

“What if I look silly?”

“What If I fail again?”

Which are ALL made up. By me.

Based on my perception of what’s happened in the past and my perception of what MIGHT happen in the future.

Which is blooming exhausting, right? Worrying about something that you made up and doesn’t even exist….?

And this is exactly why I NEED accountability to help me think rationally and have a coach ( so I don’t jump from one thing to another and throw my toys out of the pram…)

You see, I know I’ve not got really fat overnight.

It’s been a year since wearing the shorts and the shirt fit me (when we had a 6 month old baby, I was barely sleeping or doing my training so I actually lost a lot of muscle and weight)…

Now? I  feel great. My energy is up. I’m feeling fitter and I’m strong.. And its all part of the plan that I have designed for me. So, I trust the process.

Because I’m no different here. I can’t motivate myself to do my own fitness programme (I’d rather do it for other people lol)

And I can’t be bothered to track EVERYTHING I put in my mouth right now.

I too, need a bit of motivation, accountability and support to get me started and keep me going. I think it’s only human nature. 
It keep me fit, makes me feel great, stops me jumping from one programme to another to see what the latest ‘hack’, ‘potion’, and ‘cleanse’ is…

And not to mention the fact it stops my brain randomly making up stuff to stop me doing the things I know I need to do to get the results I want…

You know, like overreacting to a 1lb increase on the scales (even though they can go up and down depending on water, food, salt, time of the month, and even eating cabbage <<< You start fermenting lol)

So screw that and trust the process.

Just be the best you can be right NOW …screw what’s happened and what ‘you think’ might happen.

In fact, don’t believe everything you think.

Especially if you think that our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme will have you eating nothing but lettuce and jumping up and down whilst being shouted out by men in lycra and army jackets lol

I prefer a more laid back approach. In fact, you’ve got a higher chance of playing Fitness Monopoly and Guess Who 😂

You can learn more about the free 7-day trial on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme by clicking the link the below:


Matt ‘skinny dipping’ Fruci

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