The thing about self sabotage

“I’m so $#*!”

^^^^ One of the ladies on out Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme said to me the other week


Because she had a few slices of pizza….

She was working late, others bought some Dominoes in, and she joined in…

But here’s the difference….

We all have that friend. Let’s call them Lisa. Who says ‘you can’t eat that if you’re on a diet’….

But little do they know that you CAN when you’re using a system that’s built for YOUR lifestyle. 

How does this work?

Well, ask yourself:

1) What would have done previously ? Would you have eaten a whole pizza and thought F it? Would this have taken you closer to your goals?

2) Does eating this pizza take you any further away from your goal of toning up and ditching the tummy fat? <<< to which the answer was NO…as she applied the simple steps we use so she could do this…

3) So have you really failed? <<< something most diets will have you believe…especially when they go calling foods ‘bad’ or ‘syns’…leaving you thinking ‘well, I might as well start again in January’…

So, my challenge to YOU today is this:

Think about your thoughts and beliefs you have about a certain food. 

It could be ‘bacon sandwiches will make me fat’

Now, let’s say you have a bacon sandwich…how do you now feel if you believe this thought? 

What would be different and how would you feel about yourself if you didn’t believe this thought? 

Would you make better-informed, more intelligent decisions about the food you eat?

Now, imagine a friend comes to you and says “OMG…I ate a bacon sandwich, I’m so rubbish. I’ve failed. I have no willpower. I can’t do this”

What would you say to them…I can guarantee you would say something along the lines of ‘don’t be so silly…”. yet when it’s me or you doing this type of thinking? We beat ourselves up.

Because life is too short to stress about ‘bad’ foods and waste your time ‘starting again on Monday’…

Just get back on track at the FIRST opportunity. The next meal? Could you pull it back and go for something lower in calories? 

Go for a long walk?

Keep it simple 🙂

Just like we do in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme​​​​​​

Matt ‘simple’ Fruci

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