Ever wonder why the scales aren’t moving? Blame your friends

I was watching CBeebies with the daughter a while back and learnt something new. Did you know that lovebirds like to feed each other by putting food in each other’s beaks to show their love?

And it got me thinking. Because it’s similar with us, right?

Just the other day I ate way more haloumi than I would have normally, just because it was leftover and ‘was there’, cooked for me…

And it’s even more difficult when eating out at a buffet. Not only do you have more choice (which means you’re more likely to eat more)…

But you’re also in an environment with others who have completely different eating habits and behaviours to you. 

But what if I told you that it wasn’t just behaviours that you copy? 

You see , researchers recently showed that when diners saw another “buffet goer” in front of them wearing a secret suit that added 50lbs to their weight…

Diners at 31% more pasta and 45% less salad…Even when the undercover buffet goer wearing a 50lb suit ate more salad…

The researchers concluded that we seem to compare ourselves to others and forget about our own health goals..

The result? 

You lose control and fall out of tune with your own “hunger” levels.

It’s a similar thing to what happens when you do well. It’s almost a self sabotage mindset.

​​And with the buey lives we live today where you’re often eating on the go and having social events around food, it’s important to know how to deal with this. I mean, enjoy yourself – of course – but if you’re going “all out” every day? Something has to give…

So, here’s 2 strategies you can use to help you overcome this and take back control: 

1* Look up the menu beforehand and choose what you’re going to have beforehand. 

2* If you’re going to a buffet, pre-commit to selecting modest portions. Look around the buffet first BEFORE picking up your plate. Fill your plate first with a hand sized portion of protein, then go to the vegetables / salads…and along with this, keep YOUR goal in mind, AND those around you will have less of a negative influence over what you eat.

Remember that YOU are in 100% control. The moment you forget this and fail to take 100% responsibility for your actions?

​​You become helpless. Because there’s nothing you can do about it.

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