The jeans of truth and my favourite medicine

“I want to fit back into my jeans of truth”

“Reduce my blood pressure and diabetes medication”

“Not think ‘you fat cow’ when I look in the mirror”

“Improve my relationship”

” Be around longer and see my grandkids”

^^^ These are some of the things I get from clients coming to see me.

And I’d be completely lying if I told you that I had the ONE medicine and tricks to do all of these..

Because the truth is, I teach you NOTHING….

I just ask you – hopefully – the right questions to trigger what you already know..

Most of the time, anyway.

Because there is one thing that I am pretty dogmatic with. 


Well, because its been shown to help you:

* Keep the weight / unwanted body fat off long term and help you lose FAT (not just weight)

* Make everyday tasks, like shopping, standing, moving fence panels (real example that one of the ladies sent me the other day  😂 )

* Improve your posture so you feel more confident 

* and more recently has been shown to potentially reduce the risk of cancer and mortality.. 

So what am I talking about?

No, it’s not get intimate with your other half more often (although that’s good, too)

It’s getting intimate with muscle strengthening exercise

And I don’t mean in a gym…

In fact, none of our sessions in our ladies only sessions in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme use any crazy equipment, it’s mainly just bodyweight

(and our special one piece of equipment which helps to tone up your stomach muscles called ‘Dave’ 😂 )

You can learn more here: 



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