Mrs Fruci files for divorce

that could be the case if I carry on the way I am. I have a pretty annoying habit right now. Which I don’t even know I’m doing.

Basically, I keep leaving the cupboards in the kitchen wide open…

Its got so bad, It looks like I do it intentionally lol Honestly, I don’t. But why do I keep doing this even though I know I should shut them?

Well, probably because I’m ALWAYS looking at the next job I have to do:

Empty dishwasher > Calls with clients > Changing nappies > Live question and answer session


I’m never “in the moment”…

which means I never SUCCEED in the job in hand…which just so happens to be…


And it reminds me a bit of all the weight loss and diet stuff out there telling you what you probably already know:

‘eat more veggies’

‘eat more protein’

‘exercise, you’ll feel good’ <<< Hard to imagine when you’re exhausted after a long day looking after everyone else but you…

‘it’s just calories in vs calories out’

Which is all true…

But becomes so overwhelming and unhelpful without context and specifics, right?

Example: If I told you to eat a hand sized portion of meat, 2-3 eggs, a greek yoghurt or some beans with each of your main meal?

At least you have ONE thing in mind you can focus on right now to do…And that’s similar to how we do things in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

Small, sustainable tasks that you can do that are sometimes so easy, that you might even ask for more (which is pretty powerful in todays society where we’re already lacking time)


Because they fit with your lifestyle, are personalised for you, your food preferences, work shifts and super quick and simple so you don’t need to spend hours preparing food if you don’t want to…

And that’s where the fat loss ripple effect comes in. Because once each new task becomes a habit, you can add more in without relying on ‘willpower’ <<< whatever that is?

Maybe I should take my own advice and focus on the task in hand?

Shutting the kitchen cupboards? 

It might just save my marriage!


PS. Our 14-Day Fit For Life Summer Kickstart begins Monday 2nd June. If you want to learn more about this, click the link below:

^^^ I only have space for 7 ladies

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