The forgotten, fangtastic mineral

Many times over the past few years inside of our Kickstart programme, we’ve had questions around migraines, headaches, and poor sleep…

And the more I looked into this, the more I keep seeing MAGNESIUM come up in the science..

But not only in the science, a few of the women we have worked with even asked us about it, too..

So, I looked into a bit more and was quite surprised:

1) Magnesium is the 2nd most common nutrient deficiency in first world countries (only behind vitamin D)

2) 1 in 7 of us deficient

3) A magnesium deficiency is associated with increased risk of DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, POOR SLEEP, and DEPRESSION…

So, here’s a few ways you can get this mineral in your diet:

1) Greens – e.g. spinach, kale, chard, 

2) Seeds and nuts – yep, that includes PUMPKIN seeds…but it’s not just good for Magnesium and carving, check out my Pumpkin workout below…

3) Beans – baked beans, pinto beans, kidney beans (great source of protein and fibre, too)

4) Fruits – Bananas and avocados 🙂

5) Chocolate – Dark chocolate, that is…not the ones you get from Trick or Treating 😉

6) Dairy

However, there are questions about how much magnesium is in fruit and veggies now.

The “root” cause being linked to soil quality and fond processing. ..

If you do want to supplement?

I’d go for Magnesium Citrate 

Anyway, things like this are just the cherry on top…

The key things are what you do on average 

Be it with your snacking (including the sneaky snacks like these

Exercise habits 


Sleep routine.

This is why we work with you one to one inside our 28 Day Kickstart programme. 

Specifically for women 40+, 50+, 60+ and 70+

Who pretty much know what to do 

But want the plan and accountability to do it 

Reply with “kickstart” and I’ll get you the details 


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