“I want to be healthy”

It’s amazing to see such a push right now 

And a focus on being healthier.

But to be ‘healthy’

Is probably harder than ever right now


Well, the environment is not set up to be healthy.

Be it working from home

Office work

On the go, snacky foods. 

I could go on.

They call it the ‘obesogenic environment’ in research 

But one the most challenging parts of this…

Is that actually being healthy is not very ‘normal’.

You can’t be ‘average’

You might have to make choice which don’t ‘fit in’…

Which means you can get resistance 

which is why surrounding yourself with like minded people like those at Fruci Fit, is so helpful…

So you can be different.

As let’s face it..

The alternative is…

Not good. 

As right now..

The environment sets us up to be 






Health issues (physical and mental) 

I could go on.

So my challenge for you today?

Don’t be afraid to be different.

After all,

Are you ‘missing out’ or are you just aligning your actions with your goals?


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