The fitness DVD sham…

This is probably going to turn into a bit of rant today. But it's only because it's things like this which are making this health and fitness industry fail you (yep, I'll admit I'm in an industry which is failing you)

And it really annoys me. I mean, how do you know what to believe anymore?

Anyway, did you hear about the Goggle Box reality TV 'star', Scarlett Moffatt? 

She lost 3 stone and brought out a fitness DVD seemingly telling you how to do it...

But it's not been revealed that she went to a bootcamp in Switzerland where she exercised 6 HOURS A DAY...

^^^ Yep, because we've all got 6 hours a day to exercise

Now, fair play to her. She lost weight which is great. Whether she keeps it off is another issue altogether. 

But my real problem is how stuff like this misleads us all about the TRUTH of losing weight and keeping it off.

You see, I'm a Registered Nutritionist with the Association of Nutrition (which allows me actually practice nutrition). 

HOWEVER, it's not regulated....

Anyone can go out there and call themselves a Nutritionist. Personal trainers can and even Scarlett Moffatt can. Even Donald Trump can. 

It's scary. Especially as your nutrition and diet COULD significantly impact your health.

Now, my advice to you is to be skeptical. Very skeptical.

Ask questions. Whatever they are preaching to you, ask them 'why'? See if they can answer you. 

Even me.

In fact, especially me 😉

Try their stuff that they give away for free: blogs, videos, etc. 

Speaking of which, I'm doing a LIVE free online training event for you on Tuesday at 27th March at 8pm, titled:

'How I've Helped Over 150 Busy Wiltshire Ladies Get Back Into Their Favourite Clothes With THREE Simple Exercises (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO)'

and I'd love to see you there.

To learn more about what I'll be talking about, click the link below:

Speak soon,

Matt 'rant over' Fruci

PS. If you don't know what a webinar / live online training event is? Don't worry. It's nothing scary. 

Basically, I'll be doing an online LIVE presentation and all you have to do is show up and watch from the comfort of your own home on your mobile, laptop, or tablet / iPad...

I'll be the only person on camera. And I'll be the only person talking. 

You will be able to ask me questions during the presentation via the 'live chat' feature.

If you want to know more?

Click the link below:

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