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The diet of those who live the longest?

So this was quite surprising

Given that they:

– have the highest intake of meat

– have one of the highest intakes of white rice

– eat out a lot

I’m talking about Hong Kong..

Where people – on average – live the longest.

Now, what can you make of this?

Well, the fact there is a lot more to this than simply what they eat..

Something called NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) 


The calories you burn outside of any structured exercise, like a class, that you do.

You see, two people, the same weight and height

May have a difference in the number of calories they burn during the day by up to 1000 calories..

All from things like walking, fidgeting, standing etc.

It is believed that the culture in Hong Kong means that people sit less and move more..

Not rocket science, I get that

But actually very exciting that small, daily changes can have such a compound effect.

Especially if it means we get outside a bit more

Socialise a bit more

Meet new people..

All things that make you feel better (once you have done them, of course).

Of course, there is more to this.

There is the case of how much we eat…or think we eat

Which is another thing altogether

(Especially when you have a hot chocolate from Costa at over 300 calories…)..

Because this then comes down to our perception of how full up we are.

For example, we know that:

  • Protein keeps you more full up (lean meats, fish, dairy, beans, soy, tofu)
  • Fibre keeps you more full up (veggies, fruits, salads)
  • Liquid calories (apart from dairy) seem to sometimes make you eat more e.g. juices / fizzy drinks / alcohol

So this can then come down to putting together a plan

That helps you fit these types of foods into your lifestyle so you can feel full up and satisfied

And bringing in movement / exercise into your routine

Even if it is a few minutes

^^^ even this has been shown to help you improve the management of your blood sugar levels

And – yes – this does all sound like small changes that you probably already know you need to do.

I get that.

That is why I am sharing this.

Notice how there is nothing ‘extreme’ about what the people who live the longest do…

Like missing out on eating out

Or just drinking slim soups…

It’s small habits, compound effect.

And that’s what our 4-Week Kickstart Programme is all about..

Making small manageable changes, to get a compound effect…

So you can keep the results for good.

And I’m about to open up our January 2020 4-Week Kickstart Programme in Marlborough, Burbage and Devizes, specifically for ladies over 40.

I’m going to invite just 12 ladies. 

Ladies that are probably intending to enjoy Christmas🍷

Ladies that work hard throughout the year and actually quite enjoy taking it a bit easier in December to have a good time.

But they also understand that as they get older, their health and fitness becomes a lot more important than it was in their 30s.

➡ Better Health / Fitness = More Confidence and More Energy To Do The Things We Want To Do

The great thing about this programme is that it is designed in a way that all fitness levels can take part….without fear of holding anyone else back or looking silly.

As long as there is commitment to report back to us each week so we can help you and attend 1-3 times a week then this is all good. 

So if you know anyone? Let me know…

They can then enjoy the rest of what December has to offer before we start in January.

And when you make that New Year’s Eve Resolution as the clock strikes 12 on the 31st December you will know that you’ve already got your place booked.

Me and my team will be waiting to help out.

If you want more info, just message me and I’ll get you the details. 

Matt ‘small habits’ Fruci