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More is better?

I’ll admit

It’s that time of the year where even me (as someone who is supposed to preach all of this stuff)

Has let some of their habits slip (slightly)…

I haven’t go all of my workouts in..

Have eaten for the sake of eating when I’m not hungry (there was cheese and salami haha)..

^^ Actually felt rubbish for overeating btw..

Anyway, there are a few reasons..

Demands on you are higher than ever this time of year.

You have everything you normally have to do


Social events you’re expected to attend.


Remembering who to give a card to and who you can get away with not 😉

And all this can drain your energy..

^^^ probably our most important resource EVER…

When our energy is low?

You perception of yourself is lower..

Motivation is lower..

Ability to handle problems are lower…(and this is pretty much the definition of success…your ability to deal with problems / stress that come up, as it is inevitable in life)

In other words, everything is harder.

Now, the issue with this is that

Despite our energy perhaps being lower

We often keep our expectations the SAME..

You see, we compare NOW to our BEST EVER day..

And guess what happens?

We beat ourselves up 

And go into that ‘all or nothing’ mindset..

So I wanted to share some research that might make you think differently..

You see, some people believe they have to be crawling out of a workout for it to work…

They have to exercise for an hour…


But what researchers did was see what would happen when you burnt either:

  1. 600 calories in the morning


  1. 300 calories in the morning

What did they find?

Well, when they burnt 600 calories, they just tended to burn 300 calories less throughout the day

So they just ended up no better off..

Maybe they then didn’t go for that walk..

Took the lift instead of the stairs

Drove to the shops instead of walking

Got their other half to walk the dog etc. 

Now, what does this mean?

Well, it means that you don’t have to be crawling out of the gym

To tone up, burn some calories and fit your clothes a bit better…

And that doing SOMETHING is always better than doing nothing…

Especially given that

When you do something

It is not often the ‘thing’ you do but the simple act of DOING the thing

Which build momentum..

Just like the ladies find inside our 4-Week Kickstart programme

When they start exercising…

Get more energy

Feel better

Make a few better food choices

Sleep better

And the domino effect builds..

All from one simple habit..

Just like I spoke about here:

Which might have been as simple as a 5 minute workout..

Message me and I can send one over to you. 

Matt ‘less is more’ Fruci