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The 1 week mindset…

The 1 week mindset…

Feel like you’re waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment to start?

All or nothing mindset?

Either have to be ‘on it’ or ‘sod it, what’s the point?”

It’s frustrating, right?

It often means you have to think you have to do even more to make a difference to your weight loss, muscle tone and health…

I was chatting to someone the other day

Who said they couldn’t get to any of our sessions this week at the studio..

So was going to try our home programme.

All because of one thing that I said:

“If we were having this conversation one week from now, and you had done 3 workouts and controlled ONE thing with your food, how would you feel?”

^^ that was it.

It’s what I call the ‘1 week mindset’ (original, I know)…

But it works 99% of the time (but only if you do it)

To help your brain realise 

That it doesn’t have to be perfect to progress.

In fact, it’s getting 1% better each day which makes all the difference..

To your health

How your clothes fit

Fat loss

And energy levels…

Which just so happen to 

Give you the momentum and confidence to keep going.

Rather than wait until you are fit enough to do one of them high intensity workouts..

That’s why we offer different variations where there is more rest times, low impact, no floor and back to basics variations

So you can go at your own pace.

Because your pace is the right pace…