Message From Tanya

So I got this review from Tanya last week…

​​​​a stone down and dress size down in 10 weeks


You know what is more pleasing to see?

The fact Tanya feels equipped with the confidence and skills to welcome health and fitness into her life rather than it being a chore…

​​Because I KNOW that this will get Tanya BETTER long-term, sustainable results…

Not just the stone and dress sizes results in 10 weeks.

You see, I often get asked when sitting down with new clients and putting their plans together:

“how much weight can I lose?”  “What’s possible?” “Is it sustainable and safe?”

You see, shows like The Biggest Loser, where people would lose like 120lbs in one show…

makes real life weight loss even harder.

Because if you only lose 1lb in a week now or a few inches off your waist in a few weeks?

Well, that’s rubbish compared to what they do on TV.

Yet, what you forget is that you are losing unwarned BODY FAT and not just ‘weight’ (AKA water and muscle) <<< Which means you’ll “tone up” and fit your clothes better.

I mean, yes SOME people on the Biggest Loser have kept some of the weight off. 

And the study they did following up these people showed that they progressed with their exercise habits…

Learning to make exercise a habit

BUT…what about the others?

Well, one of the contestants reported regaining 32lbs in 5 days just from drinking water again..

And that’s the dirty side they don’t show you:

* How one week is actually 2 weeks of filming

* The diuretics they take to help them lose weight

* The dehydration 

* the 8 hours of exercise

* The starvation

It’s not real life.

And that’s my point here today..

And Tanya put it best:

I feel that he has equipped me with the confidence and skillset to welcome health and fitness into my life rather than seeing it as a chore. “

^^^ Do this​​ and it’ll make the process a whole lot easier
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