Do you suffer from food hoover syndrome?

“I end up finishing my kid’s dinner

worry he isn’t eating enough

And stress that I’ve eaten too much”

Now, don’t worry.

I’m not finishing my 18-week old daughters dinner…

As that would be weird.

^^^ although I nearly always end up finishing my wife’s dinner…I’m the self proclaimed “food hoover”

But this was a message I got from a member of my body transformation programme last week

You see, she hates wasting food.

But her kids don’t finish their plates.

So she finds herself trying to force them to eat it


Eating it herself

But here’s the thing

Kids will only eat about 60% of what they’re served

And this is NO​RMAL


Well, the researchers at Cornell University propose these 3 reasons:

1* Kids don’t know what they like and dislike 

2* They’re not sure how hungry they are

^^^ which begs the question, do you know what true hunger even is? I’m not talking about the type of hunger you get when queuing for you coffee in Costa 

3* It’s normal for kids to serve themselves too much 

Of course, eating chocolates 20minutes before dinner is another story…

BUT…as for us grown ups?

^^^ Yes – me ​and you.

We eat with our eyes

You will – on average – eat 90% of what you serve yourself

So, serve yourself a bigger portion and you WILL eat more.

^^^ smaller plates can reduce your food intake by 22%

And what I’m leading up to is this:

1* Let your kids experiment with food and be OK with the fact they might leave some…nearly half in fact!

2* Put the leftovers in a Tupperware for your lunch tomorrow to save time and money 

3* Serve yourself a smaller portion and finish your kids dinner 🙂

I know what you’re thinking…

“That’s boring and simple”

And you’re right.

It’s so s​imple

You probably won’t even think about doing it

^^^ Which is probably why you’re not where you want to be​​

And doing the SIMPLE things WELL

Is exactly what I get you doing in my 28-day Fit Mum Body Transformation Challenge

So you can build a nutritional strategy that lasts

Lose weight, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes

Without spending hours in a gym

Giving up your favourite foods

Or getting overwhelmed by lists of “green” and “red” foods

^^ which often make you demonise so-called “bad foods” (whatever they are)

The next intake starts Monday 12th June

And you can apply here:

Matt “the food hoover” Fruci

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