struggling to lose consistently?

Just the knowledge of this 

Can help you get better results 

That is

After 3 weeks or so

If starting anything 

You’ll get a wobble.

You’ll lose a bit of motivation. 

Maybe you’re a bit less consistent. 

This is the dip

Where it feels easier to start again. 

Like the image shows

And it feels easier to give up and start again.

Now given this

I had a message from someone that said that they always hit a sticking point at week 3 and 4.

Now, what is the sticking point?

The scales…

Not their energy

Not their measurements. 

It’s that attachment to the scales.

Now, this can be so many reasons 

From menstrual cycle

The whoosh effect (water retention)

Fibre intake

Water intake

And what if those results we wanted 

were just around the corner 

But we gave up

Concluded that we must be different ?

Metabolism broken?

What do our actions do then?

If you believe you can’t lose any more weight,

What do you do?

How do you act?

Now compare this to what you would do if you believed you could lose weight ?

Food for thought.

But one last thing…

Consider what you’re comparing to.

If you’re comparing week 1 to week 2, and week 2 to week 3 weight loss, expect it to go up and down,

For all of the reasons above, from water retention to monthly cycle…


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