Its alright for them

It’s alright for them

There I was getting excited for the sea

And the waves..

But for some reason 

Whilst others were flying back to the shore 

I had yet to catch a wave..

UNTIL.. I remembered a few

wise old words 

From where you hold the bodyboard

To how where the wave breaks 

To where you shift your weight ..

And WOW.…do you shoot faster than a

glass of vino on a Saturday night… 

My point?

Just this simple, little tweak completely changed

my whole experience…even though I was on the exact same thing that I found slow and frustrating just 2 minutes ago…. 

And sometimes it’s just this

simple shift in the way you think that can help

you get started.

Get away from “but what if I’m not good enough’

And towards ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?” I

mean, when you think of all the things that have gone wrong in the past, am I right in saying they’re rarely as bad as you thought they’d be?

And you’re still here, so that’s something.

So, how can you get started today?

1. Whenever something negative happens, flip it, and ask ‘how can I use this positively?” 

Example: You did so well then ended up eating a few bags of crisps and a cookie before bed.


a) Are you actually over your food target for the day? If no, well you’ve still done well and eating this so-called bad food, may actually benefit you…at least psychologically to stick to this

b) Would it be easier for you if it wasn’t in the


c) Do you feel it would be of benefit if you put

these foods you love in your day and allowed for them? AKA is it the guilt about having the food that’s the issue or the food itself?

d) remember you have a choice: you have permission to eat any of these foods you like. Like everything in life, these have costs and benefits 

2. Batch cook on a Sunday (or any day that suits) so you have at least enough for the next day or so (this is still progress)

3. Put a portion of protein on your plate at each meal (lean meats, dairy, fish, eggs, quorn, beans, eggs)

4. Don’t compare ACTUAL progress to IDEAL

progress (if you forget this, it’s a sure fire to set yourself up to fail)


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