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Struggle with snacking? Try this Surprisingly simple strategy

I got sent some really stats the other day from one of the ladies in our Fit For Life Programme who saw them on the Covid Symptom study app:

→ almost a third (29%) of those surveyed gained weight since March 2020.

→ This data suggests an average increase in body weight across the country being 0.78 kg (1.6 lbs), 

→ and up to 3 kg (6.5 lbs) in those who reported increased snacking have gained weight. 

→ The factors that may have contributed to weight gain during lockdown include increased snacking (35%), decreased levels of physical activity (34%), increased alcohol consumption (27%) and a less healthy  diet (19%). 

Covid Symptom Study App

And with this above

And what LOTS of the questions were from the ladies inside our Kickstart programme..

It is clear that snacking is a big struggle right now…

So I thought I would share this super simple strategy…

(now, notice I did not say easy)…

This is called urge surfing..

You see, you get ‘urges’ all day to do things..

This doesn’t mean you behave in a way that conforms to the urge..


When it comes to snacking..

The issue is often:

→ You are tired at that time (afternoon or evening)  <<< which means ANYTHING you do will probably make you feel better…(read that again)

^^^ it just so happens that by snacking, your brain creates a link that when you are tired, snacking helps with this….hmmmm. And everytime you do it, that link gets stronger and EASIER to do. It is a bit like having a choice between taking the country road full of potholes and roadworks in Wiltshire vs taking a clear motorway…

→ you are stressed at that time (impacts your pre frontal cortext which impacts your ability to look at long terms benefits rather than short term instant gratification)

What to do instead:

Practice urge surfing…

Don’t fight the urge..

Listen to it

Acknowledge it..

How do you feel?

What thoughts are in your head?

What is your heart rate like?

Who are you with?

What are you doing with yours hands?

^^ write that down.


And this is the big part…

Ask yourself:


Interesting part?

Not many people actually know…

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?


This is just one simple strategy..

A part of many that we use to help you

Like Maggy mentioned the other day in a Q and A I did:

“I used to struggle with snacking on an evening until joining FF. even as a vegan, I get enough protein in and haven’t  needed biscuits since joining”

Speak soon