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Is weight regain failure?

I got a question yesterday from one of the ladies in our Kickstart programme

About something I talked about regarding weight regain..

You see, most people have lost weight before..

Yet, most many people seem to gain at least some of the weight back…


The interesting part of this

Is that is very easy to think that because you didn’t keep all of the weight off 

That you failed.

And like the ladies were saying in my live video I did on Sunday night..

It can turn our language into:

“I am a failure:

“I am disappointed in myself”

“Oh no, got to start all over again”



“Feel stupid”

Can you see how damaging that can be for your confidence?

But where does this language come from?

Is it diet?

Or is it society

And the expectations set on us?

I mean..

The research shows that losing 5% of your starting body weight is clinically significant

To help your health –> blood pressure, cardiovascular disease risk, cancer risk, diabetes risk, immune system

And based on the above..

That would mean that diets DO work…to an extent…

So my question is this:

Is the issue that you regained some weight 


Is the issue your thoughts about regaining weight?

Here is what I mean…

What if when you had a so called ‘bad’ week 

^^ usually termed a ‘bad’ week by the emphasis on the scales by some slimming clubs , which is fine if it was done accurately..AKA a weekly weigh in on an evening just isn’t a reliable or valid reflection to base your self worth and results on….

Maybe you put on a few lbs…

What if instead of saying “I have failed”

What if you just realised that this is PART of the process…

There will be weeks when this happens…

And your success just so happens to depend 

On how you RESPOND to this..

Whether you beat yourself up (using the language above)

And compare yourself to others..

And then make this more of an issue that you it is..

Or you reflect on the week ..

What worked well?

What could you improve?

Is it just a fluctuation? (maybe weigh yourself daily and divide that number by 7 for the week to give you an average ..and make sure you weigh first thing rather than later in the evening…)

What have my habits been like?

Thing is..

When things come as a surprise..

Well, they surprise you

And you are caught off-guard.

Maybe you struggle to deal with it so well..

And this isn’t your fault..

But maybe they have never told you that a part of weight loss maintenance aka losing weight and keeping it off

Involves times where you may gain some weight or you may not lose weight….

So my question (after all my tangents)….

What if we responded differently to obstacles and challenges along the way?

Seeing them as an opportunity to grow as a person and get better, be more consistent, keep going despite the voice in our head… 

Rather than seeing it as a problem and a failure…

It’s like I got this message from Toni yesterday who’s lost 24lbs in 2 months (amazing.. See the picture)

And even if she gained a bit next week…

Or stayed the same

This would still be AMAZING…

Unless you let it impact what you DO

And what you THINK…

You can change your behaviours ..

“Change your thoughts, change your life” as the saying goes..

And all this means is putting more attention 

On how you WANT to feel

Rather than how you DO NOT want to feel…