Stop thinking about food all day?

I was chatting to someone the other day 

Who felt like they were just thinking about food all day.

They would pick a bit here and there.

Try to be good.

Clock watch until the next meal.

Pick a bit more. 

Then get to the meal

And not actually feel that hungry.

“I will be good and have a small meal”

Only to then secretly give themselves permission to eat more snacks.

Pick a bit more. 

Thing is though .

When you consider that:

  1. Snacky foods tend to be moreish, lower in volume / weight, and less filling
  2. Meals tend to be more wholefoods, filling, fresh, more nutritious…

What if we just had bigger, more satisfying meals?

Would we actually consume fewer calories throughout the day?

Would we actually feel more satisfied? 

Actions for today?

Could you double your protein at your meal?

Could you add some salad? Mediterranean veggies? Stir fry mix? 

I spoke about this more here


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