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“So glad I did”

“So glad I did”

It dawned on me the other day bust how much 

Quicker and easier it is.

No more pushchairs 

No carrying a potty 

No packing nappies..


We literally got out of the house in record time. 

It was so much quicker 

So much easier.

And of course ..

This won’t last forever..

They’ll be another problem

Another obstacle..

But that’s life

And actually the more challenges you face 

The more you grow 

The stronger you get ..

And I always remind myself that much of the stresses we face in life are blessings…

And when we are worried about something 

It’s often

Never as bad as it seems.

I can think back now.. 

To job interviews I was nervous about.

Public speaking

First day delivering education for an NHS diabetes education programme 

First time lecturing to students at Oxford Brookes 

First ever personal training session I did 

First ever day at University 

First day at school 


I could go on

My point is that the stress you have 

And worry you have now?

Will all be forgotten.. 

But don’t be hard on yourself 

Just acknowledge it..

And remind yourself

That you can do it!

Fear doesn’t mean you can’t do it 

Failure in the past 

Doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Today  is a new day! 

Like this message I got last week (see image)