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Bad day? Remember this

Bad day? Remember this 

Funny how I’m defining “bad” day here.

As often how we describe what’s good or bad depends on where your attention is.

Where your attention is can depend on your environment..

For example, one of ladies mention to me yesterday that 

She feels more comfortable in her clothes, fitter, recovers quicker from everyday tasks and exercise, sleeps so much better…

Not to mention the stuff we can’t see or feel like bone density (unless you fall over of course and don’t break a bone)

Risk of disease 


But here’s the thing…

When she told someone what she was doing 

The first question was 

“How much weight have you lost?”

Isn’t that interesting?

How despite all of the above reasons 

The scales are often the first thing people ask about

And that’s fine .

I get it.

Our success in other programmes may have been all about the scales.

And they are still important  .

But one of many important variables 

From your waist and hips

To your energy 

Mental health 




I could go on..

I spoke more about it here