Sniffing out the 💩

She’ll have a good sniff…
And from time to time
If she finds the right one
She’ll roll around in it
And even eat it.
But what if Dora (my black lab) is on to something here?
By ‘selectively’ choosing (a bit like the ‘chosen by you’ Asda range) the ‘poop’ that she wants to roll around in and eat?
I mean, most of the time she’ll sniff and move on.
But occasionally…
She hits the jackpot and goes crazy.
Rolls around in it.
Eats it.
Tucks her tail inbetween her bum and sprints around like a headless chicken
^^^ A bit like us when we lose 2 lbs…and then put it back on 2 days later…
But recent research would suggest that Dora is actually ‘selecting’ the ‘good’ bacteria that her gut needs…
Almost like me or you taking a probiotic or eating certain vegetables that grow a particular strain of ‘good’ bacteria we need to:
* Fight off a cold
* Better digest food so we feel less bloated
* And maybe even help us feel more full and help us create a calorie deficit so you can lose weight???
And perhaps selecting the ‘good’ bacteria that we need is the future of medicine???
I mean, there’s a lot of 💩 out there.
^^^ The type of stuff that Dora probably wouldn’t even sniff…
But how do you know what’s 💩 and what to believe?
Well, here’s a 4-point criteria that might help:
1) Can you see yourself doing this stuff in 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months?
Is the diet ‘chosen by you’ (as ASDA would say)
Or is it just another one of those cookie cutter diets?

And I’m not saying that the diet you choose is the ONE you do forever. But what I am saying is that you should probably think about what you’re going to do AFTER the diet.

AKA how do you go about maintaining your weight loss?
2) Have you had success from trialling the methods that the ‘diet’ gives you for free?
Things like blogs, ebooks, and videos…
Have you applied any of this stuff?
If yes, did you find that you had more energy, overcome your cravings, felt less anxious about food, stopped thinking about food all of the time, save you some time, lost a few pounds, better fit your clothes?

Here’s an on-demand video training I did showing you how I’ve helped over 150 ladies think differently and fit back into their favourite clothes:
3) Is there any evidence?
Is it based on science or ‘fluffy made up stuff’?
Are there any testimonials (like these)?
Who has it worked for?
^^^ and are these people like you?

4) Do they guarantee results?
You see, I cannot say it will definitely work for you (because it only works if you do it…). All I can say is that it has worked for ladies just like you here .

What I can be 100% sure of, is that if you do 100% of what I ask of you?

You will be closer to your body shaping and health goals.

After all, you know what to do, right?

You probably just need the kickstart, step by step plan to follow personalised for you, and the support to keep you going even when life is super busy (which is most of the time….)
Because just by DOING, you have an outcome. And even if it is NOT exactly where you want to be?

You’ll be closer. You’ll know what the barriers are so we can come up with strategies to help you overcome them. And – perhaps most importantly – you’ll know what DOESN’T work for you…

Just like Dora and her poop…​​

PS: Whenever you’re ready… here are 3 ways I might be able to help you:

1- Get started with my free on-demand video training where i walk you through exactly how I’ve helped over 150 ladies in Wiltshire get fit and feel more confident in their favourite cothes.

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