Message from Lisa

Got this message from Lisa this week:

“For the first time in years, I feel really well and it still surprises me how fit I’ve become.
I walked up 2 flights of stairs yesterday with my nephew whilst my Dad and sister took the escalator and I wasn’t even out of breath.
If I could bottle this feeling, I would and give it to people who want to lose weight but endure the struggles and conflicting advice.
It’s not been an easy journey but it’s not been anywhere near as difficult as I first thought.  
It is very much a way of life for me now and daily workouts are how I start every day even if I’m going out for the day and have to get up especially early.
Thank you Matt, for keeping it simple 💪💪💪”

And on the topic of keeping it simple, something I’ve noticed this past week when teaching my nutrition course at Marlborough College Summer School is just how confused you are.

And it’s not your fault.

I mean, one of the ladies on my course said how she went to a health food shop and was told that coconut oil was the healthiest oil, BBQs give you cancer, avoid anything fat free, and – again – ONLY cook with coconut oil.

Conveniently, they just happened to be trying to sell their own coconut oil to her…

^^^ I don’t know how people sleep at night…

And to make matters worse, she switched everything from fat free to full fat, and GAINED weight…

Which is why we focus on just 3 things in our Fit For Life Body Transformation:

Food – did you hit your OVERALL food targets today (regardless of what time you ate, organic, fat free or full fat, or whether you used coconut oil or olive oil)

Fitness – did you exercise? Move? 

Focus – Did you do something for you? Have some fun? Do 5 minutes on Headspace? Reward yourself with some flowers instead of a packet of biscuits?

Because if you take care of the above 3 things? You won’t have to worry about all the details that leave you overwhelmed, frustrated and not knowing where to START <<< which is where you’ll actually learn the most. 

Anyway, I then asked Lisa if I could share her message above. Here’s what she said:

“What you do is fantastic and it’s every evident how much you care about every one of the ladies.

Please feel free to share. I’m coming to the end of my weight loss journey and if my words help just one lady decide to join with you, I’ll be over the moon”

​​And although we don’t currently have any spaces on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, I will be opening up 5 spaces for September.

​​so if you want more information about this then email me at and I can send over the details about our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 



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