Sneaky snacks?

Struggling with those sneaky snacks? 

I get it.

End of the day 

Time for you 

Perhaps the first time you’ve “sat down all day” 

Or it’s a late one getting everything done and you’ve just been picking 

And the result is you’ve not really felt satisfied and full. 

Whatever the reason

It can then become a habit 

And rather than go into why it become a habit

I want to give you one action to do today…

Act based on how you want to feel rather than how you currently feel 

^^ read that again 

Because when faced with that dilemma 

“Should I snack”

“One won’t hurt”

We are often just looking at the benefits of eating that right now 

Rather than looking at the benefits of not having sneaky snack you don’t really need 

And waking up the next day thinking 

“I did that”

“I’m in control” 

^^ which is underrated by the way 

So give that a try today …

Want more accountability?

Message me with “kickstart”

And I’ll get you the details about our next 28 Day Kickstart 

Specifically for women 40+, 50+ and 60+ who pretty much know what to do but want the plan and accountability to do it 

Matt “Certified Slayer Of Sneaky Snacks” Fruci

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