A smarter way to tone up…

"An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of thought"

Was the words that came from...drum roll please...

CBeebies whilst me and my 9 month old daughter were chilling in our Nursery / office 🙂

And it got me thinking about all of the challenges we face every, single day:

Getting enough sleep, working, spending time with family and friends, shopping, cleaning etc..

^^^ Which all get in the way of this weight loss and toning up stuff

So it's no wonder that when you think about getting into the best shape you can for your Christmas partIES this year, that it seems overwhelming.

I mean, as I spoke about yesterday over here, it's so confusing all this 'do you need to cut carbs?' 'can I eat more fat?' 'are cooked bananas bad for me?' diet stuff. It's different every day if you believe what they tell us in the media, right?

And it's so confusing that you don't know what to do today, let alone in 8 weeks time (which would be 7th December) to get to our goal of feeling confident at the Christmas party and fitting into the clothes you want to wear

You see, this is the problem with this old way of thinking:

"If I DO this diet, I'll get leaner, fit into my favourite clothes and FEEL BETTER and more CONFIDENT"

But the problem here?

as you know, is the DO...

Because in actual fact, you let your thoughts (which you have ZERO control over) dictate how you feel, what you believe and - essentially - what you DO...

Which is why instead of just blaming yourself for not being able to do the DO...

What if you challenged your thoughts and beliefs that dictate what you DO?

What if you just did the SIMPLE things TODAY that helped you get in the best shape of your life?

Imagine where you would could be in 8 weeks time by DOING the small, simple things consistently every day?

And what if I gave you just 3 things to do?

Well, I'm going to be revealing them to you in my FREE online training event on Thursday 26th October: 

'How Busy Wiltshire Ladies Are Fitting Back Into Their Favourite, More Fashionable Slimmer Clothes With THREE Simple Exercises (AND HOW YOU CAN TOO)'

Which you can get your free ticket for here: https://frucifit.com/free-online-event/

Because just like they say in the British Journal Of CBeebies:

"An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of thought"

Go here to get the full scoop:


Matt 'head scientist at CBeebies University' Fruci
Fruci Fit
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