Simple trick to beat hunger..

Simple trick to beat hunger..

It’s no lie that hunger 

Feeling deprived

Like you won’t have enough energy 

Are all things associated with the words ‘diet’

But what if I told you that this was all in your head?

No, I am not talking about woo woo magical unicorns and rainbows…

I am talking about scientific research showing that your thoughts

Can impact your hunger on a hormonal level..

In one study, nicknamed the ‘milkshake study’…

They gave people a ‘slimming’ milkshake..

It had words like ‘slim’ and ‘slimming fast’ all over it ..

They then tested their hunger hormone levels.

And asked people to rate their hunger on a scale, like 1-10 scale. 


They gave people an ‘indulgent’ milkshake


They then tested their hunger hormone levels.

And asked people to rate their hunger on a scale, like 1-10 scale. 

Here’s the punchline…

All that actually changed was the label on the milkshake.

The milkshake was exactly the same..


People said they felt less hungry having the indulgent milkshake than the ‘slimming’ milkshake.

But what is more interesting

Is that when people believed they were more full up

Their hunger hormones were also suppressed.

So what does this mean?

Well, if you believe ‘I will struggle’

“I will be hungry’

This might just impact how you feel

And this research backs this up.

And it is a reminder that what you think

And believe it impact how you feel and what you do,

Food for thought

^^ pun intended

Just consider, 

Your expectations of how you THINK you might feel can impact how you feel and what you do…

So simple question:

What do you think when you hear the words ‘diet’ or ‘low calorie’?

Is this perception true?

How does it make you feel?

Like I say, this is now my opinion

Just the what the research shows.

And I am sharing this because

You are often CHOOSING to try and lose weight and get fit..

Instead of thinking

‘It is hard’

‘I should do this…”

“But I have to do this..”

Reframe this to 

I GET to exercise 

I GET to nourish my body 

And this applied to your food choices too.

You might think ‘restriction’ when you hear ‘low calorie’ or ‘healthy’..

But remember you have a choice..

You do not have to choose ‘healthy’…

You have permission to choose to eat whatever you like

Be it cake, chocolate or fruit…

And just because you are not eating it today.

It doesn’t mean it is forever. 

It is just about deciding that maybe this food does not fit with what I am trying to achieve in this moment.

That is it..


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