she was red as a lobster

“Put YOUR sun cream on”

“I’m a bit worried about THEM being in the sun”

^^that was Mrs Fruci on our family holiday last week in Cornwall. Lovely weather , too!

But here’s the two words I want to focus on here…




Because just like the ladies I work with inside our Shift programme…

All of Mrs Fruci’s attention was on everyone else 

but her.

The result?

I wasn’t burnt…

The kids weren’t burnt..

The jellyfish weren’t burnt..

And Mrs Fruci was burnt..

And I mean, not much would get done without Mrs Fruci.

We probably wouldn’t have even packed the sun cream.

But sometimes.

You just have to put yourself first.

Because if you don’t ever put yourself first?

Be it with your sun cream so you don’t get burnt 

Your exercise so you feel better

Your rest and sleep so you have more energy 

Or your health …

Then you can’t expect to be in the best possible position to

Actually help everyone else…

Because there is no one more important 

Than you.

And I know it’s hard to think like this

When things “have to be done”

And – of course – sometimes you do have to make sacrifices for others at the expense of you..

But if it’s everyday?

I just want you to ask yourself how sustainable this lifestyle is…

And most importantly:

How do you want to feel right now?

What are you willing to do about it?

These are just some of the questions we go through in our initial one

To one coaching session inside our 4 Week Kickstart Programme 

For ladies 40+ who struggle to put themselves first and do the things they know they need to do to look and feel better.

We are currently full. 

But our 4-Week programme is open again in August.

If you want to be on the priority list and be notified first when it opens?

Just message me or comment below.

And I’ll add you to the priority list and throw in a £10 discount voucher.

Matt “factor 30” Fruci

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