Secretly loving it…

17lbs down…

And more toned and more flexible

Amazing to hear this.

The real secret?

Not stressing about being perfect..

Showing up EVEN if you don’t feel motivated ..

Being OK with not being perfect.

Showing up EVEN if you can’t do what you would normally have done..

Knowing that progress is progress and perfection does not actually exist…

In fact, saying “I am a perfectionist’

Is probably a great way to justify not doing something …

Putting it off until after Christmas

(when it is darker, colder and without the Christmas vibes)

So the real real secret?

Start even if you dont think it is the right time..

I dare you.

Give it your all.

For 28 days..

Even if you don’t feel like it

Even if you don’t feel like doing it all.

See what happens.

When you make seemingly small, insignificant changes.

Want more info about our next Kickstart?

Specifically for women 40+, 50+, 60+ and 70+

Who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it.

Message me with ‘Kickstart’ and we will get you the details.


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