It’s hard to change your habits…

I will say it again..

It is hard to change your habits.

Imagine if it was easy?

Would we be complaining then?

I think so..

As it actually makes life easier..

Any change is hard, right?

But also, any change is CAN actually be the most valuable thing ever..

So consider this if you are struggling to change your habits:

  1. Are you expecting results too quickly? Imagine starting a new job today and expecting to understand how everything works straight away? Imagine saying “I have worked one day, why have not been paid yet?”…you would expect that you get paid at the end of the month. We don’t then say ‘sod it, it’s not worth it then’
  1. You think you need to be perfect → I will say this again and again…it will never be perfect. In fact saying you have to be perfect is a sure fire way to fail. Why? Because you will never be ‘perfect’. Always remember, that something is better than nothing. Ask the question ‘did I do my best?’. You cannot do much more. Like, I am so excited to have another baby on the way. And it’s interesting  how much more laid back I am now. Because we’ve done it before (maybe I have forgotten more than I think. We will see haha)
  1. Remember that challenges and obstacles are GOOD…hear me out here. Because these challenges force you to create solutions and actually give you the opportunity to act differently. 

So my challenge to you today?

Commit to doing the habit you want to do

Even if you don’t feel like it

Even if you have no motivation 

Matt ‘even if’ Fruci

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