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Score yourself out of 10

I get to speak with lots of ladies 

Which I love by the way (and actually think it separates what we do out from your typical gym)…

Now, when I ask the question:

“What do you need from me / the programme to get better results than you are now?”

The main thing I get is:

“I know what to do but I just need to do it..”

With most of the ladies saying they wanted to drop 1-2 dress sizes and get fit..

The reason for most is that they want to have more energy, more confidence and feel happy. 

And there’s often a deeper reason with health concerns

And not being able to enjoy time with kids / grandkids 

& I get this.. 

But this is the easy part.

What we say and what we do are totally different.

As they know:

“Knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing…”

But actually doing is HARD..

And do you know why?

The DELAYED gratification of increased energy and confidence 


The INSTANT gratification of indulging in food/ drink / sleeping in / doing anything but that workout you said you were going to do 

^^ I have even sorted out my coffee cupboard to delay a workout before..and that’s saying something..

The instant gratification usually wins..

and I get it…

Eating is the time. 

Putting off exercise feels good… at the time…

^^^ a sense of ‘I will do it tomorrow’ (although we actually just delay the feeling of guilt and actually we increase the chances of saying “I’ll do it tomorrow’ again tomorrow…)

Truth is, we live in a world where chocolate, wine, gin ,crisps and cake are everywhere 

^^^ hasn’t helped with lockdown for some, especially when others have moved in and different foods are around / working from home.

We can have these FOODS instantly.

Even through a  lockdown and with delivery..

And that instant pleasure that we get from the above is often a lot more appealing than 

getting up early, having a morning routine that makes you feel proud, exercising to get the good endorphins going and then having a nutritious breakfast that keeps you full up..

now, compare this to when you hear some horrible life threatening news about someone related to their health…

whether you know them or not…

they will often have a huge motivation to change their life because they fear death..

which will – in many cases – override the instant pleasure of going for the cake, snacks, and putting off exercise.

Now, I know this is an extreme example. But I know many ladies who have recently reached out to me during this pandemic and previously 

citing their health concerns 

And what I notice is that they REALLY are committed. 

Now, you certainly do not need to come close to death to achieve a transformation.

But you do need to understand and audit where you right now:

-How confident are you?

-How energised are you?

-How productive are you?

-How happy are you?

Grade yourself out of 10 for each

If everyone is good for you, then great.

But if there are shortfalls above then don’t you deserve better?

Is it fair to accept mediocre? 

If you were chatting to your 10 year old self, and you explained your score out of 10 from above, is that something for them to look forward to?

It’s something that crosses my mind when I think about my kids…

I can’t teach them happiness, confidence, following their dreams, kindness…unless I SJHOW THEM and actually live it..

(Now, I am not perfect BTW…)

But one thing I remember reading is this:

If you want better answers you need to ask better questions…

So these questions above are something for you to consider and ponder. 

Make it a great day