How to scientifically justify your wine and steak…

I often get accused of answering the same questions all of the time…so I’m going to answer this one in a slightly different way for you.

You see, I was asked whether eating carbs after 6pm was making them fat. And I’ve answered this before. You see, before worrying about any of this stuff, you have to look at your OVERALL food intake across the day and week. That’s the most important thing when it comes to losing fat, toning up and fitting back into your favourite clothes.

Focussing on whether eating carbs after 6pm WITHOUT considering your overall food intake, exercise, sleep, water intake <<< all the basic things you already know about…

Reminds me of some of the recent studies I’ve seen being taken out of context by the media. 

One looked at how eating protein (like chicken / steak) with your alcohol could reduce any negative effects of alcohol after an exercise session….And another looked at whether drinking beer would have negative effects on hydration after exercise…

Now, it’s great to hear that beer had no negative effects on hydration levels and alcohol + protein may reduce the negative effects of alcohol on post exercise recovery…

But – in my opinion – this research pretty does nothing for me and you. I mean, when we want a drink, we want a drink, right? Nothing in my head is going ‘well, I best eat protein with this glass of red to improve my recovery” OR “I’ve just finished some exercise so I best rehydrate with beer. I wonder what’s the best type of beer? Or is Cider better?”….

Because when you focus on the minutia too much and FORGET the basics, you get overwhelmed, and you end up doing nothing!

You see, for some people, eating carbs after 6pm suits their lifestyle more. They can eat the foods they enjoy with their family. 

For others, it’s not that eating carbs after 6pm are making them fat, but actually the fact they’re stressed and tired after 6pm so just eat loads of carbs and fats AKA cakes washed down with wine!

What could you do to help?

Just start with these today:

1) Drink 2-3 litres of water

2) Aim for 10,000 steps

3) Have a handful of veggies / salad with each meal

4) Have a palm sized portion of protein with each meal (like chicken, beef, turkey, fish, eggs, Greek yoghurt etc.)

Because doing the simple things consistently is when the magic happens. There’s no magic tricks or shortcuts.

It’s a simple case of applying the basic principles to your lifestyle so you can stick to it and keep the weight off once and for all …

Just like the ladies do in my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme

Matt ‘red, red, wine” Fruci
Fruci Fit
Putting The ‘U’ Back Into Nutrition​​​

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