Santa’s Watching YOU

So the other day, someone drove into the back of the car behind me. The car behind me, then hit me. But the car that caused it? Drove off.

And what happened next reminded me of what I was told as a kid:

Santa could see whether you were 'good' or 'bad'?

Because it turns out there they may have been caught on camera...

But back to Santa.

Being told that Santa is watching must be the naughtiest, most sneaky behaviour modification tool in the world...

Because what did it make you do?


I mean, you'd even eat your Brussel sprouts

Tidy your toys away (or iPads as they're called today)

So it got me thinking:

What do YOU... tell YOURSELF to ensure you do what you said you would?

With your body, mindset, eating habits, tin of Quality Street left out on the side?

Because I get that life's busy and you're so focussed on making sure everyone else has a great Christmas that the hours pass by and you have no time left for you.

But the best part?

You just have to give yourself PERMISSION to be a bit more selfish. 

Because what would happen if you put YOU first for once?

Think you'd get more IMPORTANT stuff done and be healthier and happier?

How about this...

Every time you're avoiding doing something that you know will help you have more energy

Every time you're procrastinating on something that will help you feel more confident about yourself

Every time you're putting things off that you know will help you have more restful sleep

Every time you're thinking about binging on the tin of biscuits out on the side late at night after a long stressful day putting everyone else first...

Just say to yourself:

"My kids / other half are watching me'

It's a little trick I'm playing on myself.

So that I don't have to tell my daughter to exercise...she just see's me doing it (even if it's for 5 minutes in my living room dressed as santa)

So that I don't have to tell my daughter to eat healthy, nutritious foods and have a positive relationship with food where I'm in control...she just see's me doing it and can make her own decision ...

Because, when i realised that not doing the things I preach (sitting down to eat my food, not grabbing anything on the go, not putting me first to help me improve as a coach and be more present and less irritable with loved ones)

When I realised that NOT taking action was like me saying that staying the same and not being a better husband and dad was more important...


and I got focused on WHAT I WANTED---> NOT what I 'felt like'

Which is exactly what elite level accountability and support from like-minded ladies and a Registered Nutritionist could do for you.

To help you make 2018 the year you ditch the fad diets and build a healthy, sustainable eating plan that you can do even on your busiest most stressful day so you can shrink your waistline and fit back into your favourite, more fashionable clothes for good

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Matt 'Santa' Fruci

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