Is it really your ‘slow metabolism’?

One of the things I often hear from ladies looking to lose weight, tone up and get their energy back, is that they think they’ve struggled in the past because of their slow metabolism.

Now, you could be right. I mean, with all the diets telling you to live off of meal replacement shakes, it could be that your body has adapted to this 


Could it be that these diets leave you giving up and starting again every Monday?

Could it be that the so-called middle age “spread” is due to moving and doing less rather than just getting old?

I mean, when I was away recently and took my daughter swimming, I couldn’t help but notice how – in general – the older you were the less likely you were to be in the pool.

“I’m too old for that”. “I might have done that a few years ago”. “It’s too cold”

And by saying things like this, does this make you live up to this identity? I mean, what is “old”? Everyone is “old” relative to their life because they’ve never been older at the time of saying “I’m too old”, right?

But what would be different for you if you adopted a growth mindset? What happens if you thought “how is this going to work for me” rather than “Will this work for me?”…

^^^ notice how if you say ‘will this work for me?’ you become fixated with your excuses and reasons why you may not do it? They’re even teaching this in schools!

And I’ve got some good news even if you do think “I’m too old, too fat, and too unfit to start”

Because the research showed that YOU CAN put on muscle, get more toned, fit back into your favourite clothes AND get your energy back – even if in you’re in your 90s!!!

My advice?

Just start! Because it’s never too late. The moment you stop exploring? You stop learning and no longer know what you’re really capable of.

So, if you’re motivated to make a change, ditch the fad diets for good, and be the best version of YOU (regardless of the thoughts and fears of others)..

Then my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme might just be for you.

You can apply for your free 7-day trial, which starts Monday 11th September, by going here:


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