So I’m doing a talk today for patients who have just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in Swindon over at Priory Road Surgery.

And I’ll get a bucket full of questions about things that don’t really matter.

Like whether pitta breads are better than bread? 

Olive oil is better than coconut oil?

Whether mayonnaise is OK?

And it’s for this reason that we created a nutrition system that answers all these questions by setting you your food intake to lose fat and giving you over 1000 tasty  recipes for the meals you and your family like to eat  to create your own meal plan and shopping lists in minutes for the week.

But I’ve still had quite a few questions about our Fat Loss Coaching Group << email me right now if you have a question, by the way

1: “Do I have to live near you or travel?”

Nope. It can all be done online. We have some ladies from down under.

2: How does it work online?”

You get access to our members area where we will set your food target in calories and give you access to over 1000 recipes all calorie counted for you so you can simple add the meals you like to each day and get your shopping list sent to you in minutes. 

But it’s not just that. As we all know that motivation, support and becoming accountable are pretty important to change.

And this is why I do a weekly LIVE question and answer session to help you challenge and overcome any obstacles that you have in weight loss and health, be it with diabetes, comfort eating, motivation or just some simple strategies for when you are super busy and have to get foods on the go.

^^^ something that gyms just don’t offer, unfortunately

3: “will it take loads of time to do?”

Well, we all have the same amount of time. I’ll actually coach you on how to CREATE more time and be incredibly effective.

But yes, you’re going to have to make a few compromises.. but you want to change, right?

4: “My diet is okay, will it still work for me?”

What is “okay”?…. Do you really know how much you are eating? How often is your diet okay?

Please note that all the nutrition stuff is developed for ladies aged 35+​​

5: “Are there workouts?”

Yes. You also have home workouts online you can do anytime, anywhere with NO equipment.

​​Just press play on the video workout and I’m there doing it with you so you know you are doing it safely and effectively to lose unwanted fat and transform your body shape 🙂

Please note that all the fitness and workouts stuff have been developed for ladies aged 35+​​​​

6. “Do I attend sessions with you in-person?”​​

No. This programme is our online Fat Loss Coaching Programme for people who struggle to get to sessions / find the time or live too far away but want a step by step plan, support and accountability to do the things they know they need to do to get the results they want. 

7. “Can I ask you questions if I get stuck?”

Yes. I’ll be doing a weekly live question and answer session and replay will be there too for you to watch. Any questions you have will be answered and I’ll also be covering a different topic each week, be it on eating out, comfort eating, gut health, diabetes, fast weight loss, motivation or mindset..​​​​

8. “Will it work for me as I’m a technophobe?”

If you can use Facebook and watch videos? It’ll work​​ for you

The internet is actually an amazing thing which allows me to offer you more support, accountability and resources for 50p a day…

That’s literally a sip of your morning coffee a day lol

To get everything you need to lose fat, tone up and fit back into your favourite clothes…
I’m not even sure you can buy a Freddo for 50p haha

You can join in the fun here:


Matt ‘Q and A’ Fruci

PS- One last one

“Does it work?” >>>>

well, I’m still collecting results but you’ll be getting resources that the ladies here use:

Fat Loss Coaching Group For Ladies 35+

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