Putting toning up on autopilot?

Whilst away the other week – in true manly fashion – I forgot to pack any sun cream.

Luckily, in true motherly fashion, Mrs Fruci packed us some factor 30, 50 and baby sun cream…which stopped me burning and only when I got home…did I realise that I had a nice, golden glow.

My point?

You don’t tan or burn IN the sun, you tan or burn AFTER the sun.

Just like, you don’t get wrinkly in the sun, you might get more wrinkly AFTER the sun.

A bit like you don’t have a baby straight after having doing the business….

You see, all these processes take TIME.

There’s some complex compensatory things going on in your body for days, weeks and months. It’s happening but it’s essentially on autopilot. And due to the symptoms, it can often be perceived negatively.

A bit like the scientists are suggesting with muscle strengthening resistance exercise.

You exercise, stop, and end up burning calories and toning up on autopilot for potential days…providing you have the right nutrition in place, of course. After all, you can’t build a house without any bricks!!

And the result?

A stronger, fitter you…which just so happens to make every day tasks easier, including that gardening you keep putting off (as a member on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme mentioned to me last week), not to mention that fact you might actually enjoy clothes shopping again…
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