Is processed meat unhealthy?

The Daily Mail will have you believe anything nowadays

Processed meat causes cancer one day

Helps you live longer the next

And is even included Megan Fox’s new diet 

^^^ after she ditched vegan for the ‘caveman’ diet

But is processed meat actually bad for you?

Well, I’m going to be honest with you

I don’t actually know.

And no one does


2 reasons:

1) We don’t really know what processed meat is – 

Ground beef is technically processed meat

So are 100% lean chicken sausages

So is bacon (and I love bacon)

Smoked salmon

And so are Frankfurters floating around in a can of brine (which I have to admit are bloody lovely!)

Plus, ‘Cavemen’ have been processing food for years. 

So, when the Daily Mail come out with crazy headlines about meat…

Consider what they mean by processed meat (see point 2)

2) Is it actually the meat causing cancer?

Let’s say a study finds that eating processed meat increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 5% (as one study did)

How do we know it was the meat?

Could it be the frying of processed meats at high heats (these can be give off toxins)?

Could it be that eating more processed meat meant you ate less veggies (we know veggies and antioxidants counteract oxidants from toxins)?

Could it be too much iron?

Could it be the nitrates in processed meat (although there’s no real link between nitrates and cancer)?

Could it be that those who ate more processed meat also smoked 20 a day, drank more, lived stressful lifestyles, ate fast food a lot, and didn’t do any exercise?

We’ll never know.

Because I don’t think they’ll ever do a study on just meat for a long enough time

^^^ Although I’d happily volunteer for it 🙂

What am I leading up to?

Well, it’s easy for experts and journalists to say we know everything about the minutia 

But the truth is, when you really look at how they came to their conclusions…

you end up with more questions than answers

Stressing and worrying more than you were already about what and when to eat

And doing a Megan Fox by hopping from kale smoothies to rare, bloody steaks every week

But one thing IS for sure

A higher body fat level can:

* Reduce your energy levels so you can’t do the things you want to do (like going bodyboarding with the kids, as a Body Transformation member recently said to me…)


* Increase your risk of diseases

Which is exactly why making your diet super simple

So you can actually do it and ditch the love handles once and for all (and not pile it all back on again) WITHOUT stressing about what and when to eat

Is my number 1 priority in every nutritional strategy I create for my members

Matt ‘simples’ Fruci

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