Does this make you eat more?

It was movie night (or day now baby is here) for me and the wife

We watched “The Girl On A Train”

^^^ gripping title, I know 😉

Pretty gruesome.

Not just the film

But the baby’s poo, nappie changes and feeds  

It took us about 6 hours to watch this film actually

Baby was hungry to say the least

A growth spurt, they call it (the chubby cheeks are blossoming)

And speaking of hunger and films

Have you ever looked at how much you eat whilst watching TV?

Well, research suggests you’ll eat MORE when:

* you’re watching a thriller or action film 

* the characters on the show are eating 

So my advice to you?

Portion your tv / cinema snacks into serving bowls (don’t eat them out of the packets)

And be AWARE of your thoughts and what you’re doing 

Because they CAN be different

You are in control of your hands 

You don’t have to do what your demons (thoughts) are telling you to do 

^^ you know when you’re battling with yourself not to finish the biscuit tin?

And these are just some of the things I show you in Female Fat Loss Mastery.

In fact, here’s what you get:

* Access to my online Fruci Nutrition System so you know exactly what types of foods and meals you can make to save time, give you more energy, and lose weight in a sustainable manner.

* The ability to build your own meal plan with the foods and meals you like in your members area so you can enjoy your food, learn what works for you, and save time and money on shopping 

* A weekly VIP private female weight loss seminar on topics such as, when to eat to lose weight, how to eat more and still lose weight, and how to set your diet up to ditch the bloating and learn which foods may be impacting your digestion

* 1 x monthly Body and Mindset Transformation 1-to-1 Meeting to help you adapt your diet and lifestyle habits and break through stubborn periods of fat loss.

* 1 x weekly accountability check ins with me to make sure you’re on track and not losing motivation or willpower 

* The option to attend 5 x weekly coaching sessions at St Mary’s Church Hall 130pm-215pm Monday to Thursday and Wednesday’s 630-715pm to boost your fitness, increase muscle tone and help you fit your clothes better (you can be in and out in 30minutes. I teach you the exact technique to help tone you up safely and effectively. Plus, all of the workouts are posted online for you, too, so you can keep on track even if you’re super busy or away!)

 * Education throughout so that you are empowered to understand the ‘why’ about your nutrition, have the confidence and knowledge to make better-informed decisions and learn exactly how you can eat out and enjoy social situations without piling the weight back on.

 * 24/7 Access to me via email for any questions and guidance to guarantee you don’t lose motivation (Plus, access to the Female Fat Loss Mastery Inner Circle Accountability Group to guarantee you do the work that will force your body to change shape) 

Ready to take a look inside and start your free tone up challenge on my Female Fat Loss Mastery Programme?

Go here:


PS. Applications for your free trial on my Female Fat Loss Mastery programme close Sunday 26th February at 730pm

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