Burger that make you poop

As you know, I talk about gut health and – as a result – poop..

Quite a lot…

Not because I’m really weird.

But just because I care

And that’s exactly what I keep telling Mrs Fruci when she finds that I’ve “spiked” her bolognese, poached eggs on toast and now…


With some secret high fibre ingredients

That not only help feed the good bacteria in your gut to fight off colds and boost your immune system 

But also keep you full up for longer.

I show you how to be cruel to be kind with these homemade “flexitarian” burgers.

^^ flexitarian is the in “word” that the kids now use to describe a diet where some times you eat meat and other times you are a vegetarian 🤙

Anyway, here’s the burger that’ll make you poop:

Matt “poop-erman” Fruci
Free Week Offer

Ps. Did you know that foods can affect your mood?

And that your gut sends messages to your brain? So many messages that I think they’re on an unlimited text messaging plan

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