How to create fear 

“Be careful”

I say to to myself in my head 

Biting my tongue  

Trying not to say it aloud 

“You might fall”

“You might get stuck” 

As my daughter climbs up one of those spider webs 

Which if I’m honest 

She wouldn’t normally go too high on. 

But today was different.

My point?

I could have created fear 

And potentially stopped her doing something 

Because of something that might happen…

Now of course it could happen.

But when you’re trying to build confidence 

Energy flows where your attention goes.

She was doing it.

And if we would have stood looking at it 

Talking about all of the things that could go wrong 

I bet she wouldn’t have even tried.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, I speak with lots of people who are so overwhelmed with getting started 

They don’t start ..

Everything from 

“What should I wear?”

“Where do I park?”

“Do I need equipment if I am exercising from home?”

“How do I know if I’m doing it right?”

“What if I can’t make it?”

“What if I can’t keep up?”

I could go on

They talk about how they’ve been to gyms before 

Been shown a plan once (if they’re lucky)

Then left to it

Too scared to ask for help 

Feel like they’d be a nuisance 

So just go with what they know 

(Which bores them…)

And end up doing a bit of cross trainer 

Maybe the bike 

And then losing motivation to go.

They know they need to do some muscle strength but feel intimidated going in that area and knowing what to do .

We get it.

Which is why we 

✅ have a one to one before you start so we understand where you are right now and can set your starting habits using the Fruci Fit 3Fs to get you started on your 100 Day Challenge

✅ give you accountability with a personal coach so you’re not just left to it and stay focussed throughout the 100 Day Challenge 

✅ Small sessions (for women 40+) so you feel confident and learn how to exercise properly and safely to see results without the risk of injury 

Want more info on our 100 day challenge?

Message me with “100”

And we will get you the details 


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