overwhelmed? Try this

If you’re overwhelmed 

Chances are

You’re probably also a bit low on energy 

So here’s one easy strategy to help this:

Step 1: Score yourself between 1-10 for your energy. 1 being low, and 10 being high 

Step 2: Write down your number. Then ask the question: how you can get one up today? Eg if you are a 3/10, what’s one thing you can do to get from a a 3 to a 4 today ?

It sounds small

But it’s the small, seemingly insignificant daily habits which add up.

And before you know it

You see changes like the picture shows…

Our next Reboot specifically for women 40 + and 50+ who want the plan and accountability this September to kickstart their results 

Is starting soon 

Message me with “September” and we will get you the details 


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