Nutritionist Fined £100 For Going In McDonalds…

What to expect: 5 minutes reading to discover whether burning fat = weight loss and why you should read the whole story to avoid COSTLY mistakes...


^^^ An important (and costly) lesson for me this week, as I hate throwing money down the drain!

So 2 weeks back, my wifi was down and I needed internet access from around 730 am to do some work before my coaching in Swindon.

Costa? Not open until 830 am...

Food Gallery? Too far from where I was coaching...

McDonalds? Open 24/7...with FREE wifi.

I'm reluctant to admit it but their coffee is pretty good (although I'm not a big fan of their values as a company)​.

So I get a coffee and get on with a few hours work. ​

Little did I know (until yesterday), that I went 30 minutes over the parking allowance and was snapped on camera...

And I soon became:

"The nutritionist fined £100 for going in McDonalds"...​

​Personally, I think the fast-food giant are trying to get rid of all nutritionists...

But anyway, ​why am I saying this?

Well, on that same day, I talked about the differences between:

"Fat-burning" and "weight-loss"​

​I talked about how just because you are "burning more fat" during a type of exercise or at some point in the day, it doesn't mean you're going to lose weight.

Just because a food increases "fat burning" it doesn't mean it will help you lose weight!​

And this shocked some people...​

The fact that you don't need to "use fat" to "lose fat"...​

​You might have seen the "fat burning zone" that's on most cardio equipment?

Well, it's correct that you burn more fat WHILST you're doing that exercise in the fat-burning zone but it doesn't mean you're going to burn more fat over the course of the day and lose more weight.

​^^^ And what's more important, whether you burn more fat for an hour or whether you hit your weight / fat loss targets over the weeks, months and year?

​So, there was me saying all this having just completely missed the "maximum parking stay" sign at McDonalds...

^^^ I didn't read the whole story

And it's same reason why we're not where we want to be​ with our goal of getting a summer lean body.

"You're missing the forest ​for the trees"...

"Putting the cart before the horse"...

So, are there any benefits for trying to increase "fat-burning" during exercise?

​Yes (kind of)!

​Improving your ability to use fat as energy may help improve your metabolic health...

But, it's difficult to say whether it's simply due to the effects of just exercise in general or because you're actually "burning more fat" whilst you exercise...

Take home​

  • McDonalds hate nutritionists
  • I need to take note of signs and read the whole story...
  • "Fat burning" doesn't = weight loss

​Speak soon,

Matt "loves McDonalds" Fruci​

PS. do you do any type of exercise or eat any "fat burning" foods to help you lose "weight"?​

PPS. I used to force myself to eat brown rice because I read somewhere that it helps you burn more fat...​

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