Nutritionist FAILS KS2 SATs

My little cousin was telling me about his Key Stage 2 Sats last week.

“Feeling ready?” , I asked…

To which he responded with an enthusiastic nod of the head followed by “I’ve practiced” (valuable lesson right there, by the way).

Now, with all the debate about how hard the exams were, I thought I’d give them a try…

Drum roll please…

I scored 40%...

Which is 4% below average.

4% below average despite the fact I’ve been at University for 7 years.

And it begs the question:

Should children really have to be feeling pressured and stressed about exams at such a young age?

Debate for another day…

But where does this pressure come from?

Well, we’re always looking to get the best results possible in everything we do <<< which obviously has it’s positives.

But at the same time, this mindset can make us beat ourselves up if we don’t achieve the “best results”.

We aim for an A*, but forget that a B+ or a C is still a good grade

^^^ we can improve (that’s what mocks are for, I guess).

And it’s exactly the same when looking to lose weight and get a flat stomach.

Let’s say we start a nutrition and exercise programme…

And we skip a day or have an extra slice of cake!

All our focus goes on this mistake.

We forget about how well we’ve done over the last week and JUST focus on where we went wrong.

“Diet over…may as well finish the cake”

I touched on this in my presentation last week which you can watch on YouTube here: 

Because being by being accountable for your actions and assessing, you can simply see exactly what you’ve achieved

Overcoming that “all or nothing” AKA “no milk chocolate buttons or 3 bags of milk chocolate buttons mentality…

Which is exactly how you fit back into your favourite clothes without piling the weight back on again.

Speak tomorrow,

Matt "failure" Fruci

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