The Dieting Merry Go Round and Bringing Your Coffee Table To The Gym

"Do some work, you're in the gym not a coffee shop"...

^^^ This is what I got at the weekend whilst I was chatting and laughing with a few friends and clients at the gym.

We were out in the fresh air with the sun beaming actually felt like summer had arrived!

People were smiling and we were having a laugh (whilst getting some exercise done too, of course...).

^^^ We might as well have been at Laughter Yoga...

Have you tried it?

It's now on my "to-do list".

A client told me about it last week.

You all sit in a room and forcefully laugh...which then actually makes you laugh.

You then get all the "feel good hormones" that laughter gives you...

and you feel awesome (apparently).

I tried it. Just with a few friends. Not officially (yet).

It felt weird and a bit different at the start...

Like "why am I actually doing this" kind of weird.

But by the end, everyone was laughing (for real)

And - to my surprise - I actually felt good.

So coming back to the "do some work you're in a gym not a coffee shop" comment:

1) If you're smiling and having fun when doing something, you're probably going to want do that something again.

2) If you do that something again, you can stick to it and the results you get become SUSTAINABLE

3) I geek out on science a lot and a it turns out that shorter rest times between exercises MAY blunt your exercise progress and ability to get that toned look. So if you want to have chat and a laugh whilst doing exercise, so be it. It might even benefit you!

But what I'm leading up to is this...

* You WILL have to put the work in to get a flat stomach...but finding the minimum effective dose for exercise will mean you can still get results WITHOUT spending hours in the gym and running around like you're the possessed women in Paranormal Activity. 

* Just like finding out how much food your body can handle will allow you to enjoy your chocolate and wine whilst still ditching the love handles...

And this all might seem a bit weird at the start.

Quite different to everything else you've tried.

But by having a nutrition and exercise programme with your name on that understands your lifestyle, personality, and preferences so that you can stick to it and fit into your favourite clothes...

It's guaranteed that you'll get off the "dieting merry-go-round" once and for all (more on that another day).

Speak soon,

Matt "thinking that laughter yoga should be compulsory on a Monday" Fruci

PS. You've now got a response for when you're caught laughing and chatting and someone tells you to do more work...

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