The (not so) curious case of Billy

1lb heavier on the scales…


1.5cm off her hips and waist since the last measurements. 

^^^ And this is EXACTLY why JUST relying on the scales is a recipe for disaster. 

It will quite frankly make you feel like CRAP. 

Every. Single. Step.

Even when the magic is JUST about to happen!

^^^ AKA the clay is starting to get a bit warm… 


* Eating more fruit and veg

* Drinking more water

* Exercising and forcing your body to change (it’s a stress and causes water retention short-term)

* Sleeping like a baby (which – so I’m told and have to look forward to very soon – means you didn’t sleep)

* Eating a salty meal (did you know that bread, cereals, yoghurt, cheese all contain sodium?) or a high(er) carb meal

^^^ Not that you should avoid them

* That time of the month!

Will ALL impact the scales and make it fluctuate UP and DOWN.

So let me ask you these 2 questions…

Imagine you’re on holiday or seeing family that you haven’t seen in a while.

You know, the type of occasion where you really ‘dress to impress’ (and want me to notice you)

Does it REALLY matter about the number of the scales if you’re fitting into new, more fashionable clothes that make you feel more confident about yourself?

Does it REALLY matter about the number of the scales when you see your first ‘glimpse of a stomach muscle’ and get a compliment from your loved ones about the way you look?

And it’s exactly why we track more than just your weight in my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme using my accountability system.

^^^ Did you know you COULD lose about a stone in a day if you really wanted to through water and salt depletion?… it will be back the next day, mind!

Waist, hips, bloating, hunger are tracked – just to name a few. 

And can all – along with your body weight – help you to understand the amounts and types of foods that you need to ditch the love handles, fit into your favourite, more fashionable clothes, and turn heads at the Christmas party

^^^ Yep, I said the ‘C’ word. 

Speak soon,


PS. I’m already experimenting with healthy, satisfying Christmas recipes for you (it was Eggnog last night)

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