No one told me to whip the whipping cream

So at our Christmas family get together..

I decided to make a coconut and lemon roulade (with the help of my nearly 2 year old daughter)

One of the ladies on our Fit For Life programme even kindly printed a recipe for me from a cookbook

And to Mrs Fruci’s surprise…

I was actually going to follow the recipe that one of the ladies gave me 100%

(I usually try to make it all healthy 🤣🤣 I’m a nightmare to live with)

So anyway , I get to the lemon curd and it looks (and tastes…) delicious…

I then follow the recipe as it says ‘to mix the lemon curd with the whipping cream’

And I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t look like Mary Berry’s creamy, thick roulade topping 🤣

So after a few YouTube searches (and spoonfuls of the lemon curd with cream somehow ending up in my mouth….oooops)

I discovered that I hadn’t whipped the whipping cream 🤣🤣

Because I was following the recipe 100% and it ASSUMED I’d do it at that point…

(I did wonder what my nearly 2 year old daughter was trying to tell me whilst we were making it…🤣)

My point?

Well, there’s nothing more frustrating than following something 100% and not getting the results that you want…

And – of course – a roulade is a lot more simple that the human body…

Yet, the reason most weight loss and diet plans  / books fail in the long term (in my opinion) is because they give a specific ‘recipe’ to lose weight…

With ‘bad’ foods that should be avoided…(which can delay you even getting started and makes social situations a pain…)

Supplements that you have to buy…(which are basically just 300 calorie meal replacement….)

Long, boring intense workouts with fancy equipment…(which are hard to maintain)

And this probably WILL work in the short term. In fact, it will work..

But the issue I see is – of course – staying motivated and sticking to a plan.​​​​

So, INSTEAD…we simply personalise it for you by meeting you where you are at, with what yo currently do NOW…

Because the secret really is just being a little bit better than yesterday.

To get the momentum going and start seeing results with it feeling like this time-consuming thing 

which requires a ton of motivation (more on that tomorrow)

So you can join a gym where you have to get a bag ready, drive 20 minutes, park, ​​shower etc OR you could start with 20 squats every time the kettle boils

you can join a gym where you have to get a bag ready, drive 20 minutes, park, ​​shower etc OR you could start with 20 squats every time the kettle boils​​?

you can make a feta cheese and chicken salad to take to work each day…or you could just swap take a homemade sandwich or wrap…

It’s asking yourself what you find most PRACTICAL to DO

as you only get results for DONE…​​​​

Anyway, here’s my roulade ​​​​(maybe give it a try for New Years Day):

  1. whisk 4 egg whites with an electric whisker for 4 -5 minutes (using hand will burn more calories may increase stress levels), adding in 150g of Stevia / Truvia sweetener and 50g of desiccated coconut as you go
  2. Add to a tin with oiled non-stick paper and put in the oven 160C for 10-15 mins
  3. meanwhile, add the zest of 2 lemons, 100g stevia / truvia, 4 egg yolks, and 75g of butter to a heatproof bowl and simmer over a pan of boiled water for 10 mins, stirring occasionally.
  4. WHIP 150ml of whipping cream and slowly fold in with the lemon curd…
  5. Spread on top of the base with 300g of raspberries
  6. FOLD…I’d youtube Mary Berry to help you…so nervous doing this…cream coming out everywhere (which I had to eat, of course)
  7. Sprinkle more coconut and stevia on top, squeeze a bit more lemon on top and top with more raspberries! 



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