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Nightime eating addict or….

I’d be lying if I said that I only eat when I am hungry…

I mean sometimes I do just eat because ‘ I fancy it’.

Is it the ‘right’ thing to do?

Well, sometimes, yes..

^^ The psychosocial benefits of perhaps meeting a friend / going out for a meal / snack with family can be a GOOD thing…

And sometimes, no…

But you know what?

Snacking / nightime eating is probably the one thing I do which I could probably improve…

I have written this down MANY times…

You see…

Our tendency to snack

Can literally just be a reflection of how we feel…

Despite what you say about being ‘addicted to sugar’…

Because when you consider how you feel when you snack / eat when you’re not hungry…




^^ As was the case yesterday in a kickstart one to one for one of the ladies about to get started on our 28 Day Kickstart (Reply with ’28 Day’ and I’ll get you the details by the way)

Are we actually addicted to procrastination?


Putting off the thing you need to do by eating..

Because for some odd reason

^^ and I get this

Sometimes doing NOTHING makes us feel guilty.

Ever get that?

But here’s the more interesting part…

Is this actually a comforting story we tell ourselves?

To give us permission to eat?

Do you end up feeling guilty anyway when you eat?

So you might feel guilty anyway…

So why not feel guilty doing the thing that actually gives you energy?

Such as:

  • Resting?
  • Doing something for you?
  • Reading your favourite book?
  • Ringing a friend?
  • Exercise?
  • Do the thing you need to do?

Now, if you believe the story 

About not having enough willpower…

Not having the energy

Lacking the motivation 

Being a procrastinator 

Thinking there is ‘no point’ (referring to 10 minutes of exercise or making a small swap)

Then your behaviours will CONFORM to this..

And backs this up…

And because our behaviour backs up this story and belief…

It means we feel ‘right’…

And this is addictive because

We love being ‘right’…

And it is our thinking about this whole process that is the key transformation here

And actually trumps the good old ‘lose some weight in 7 days’…

As Lesley said:

“This resonated with me. Yes I’m about 10lbs down and although losing centimetres I’m still in the same size clothes, albeit they are not tight, – but how I feel about myself and my body you would think I was a size 10 not 16.

I’m comfortable looking at myself in the mirror, I don’t dread short sleeves but above all I can move my body better. None of those groans you make when you pass 50, and I’m just happier when moving. 

For me, the change in my thoughts is what pleases me.

 I do still beat myself up when I think I’ve slipped, but now only a little bit and I stop myself quickly. 

It’s not just about size and weight but your psychological journey too.”

Well done, Lesley.

Comfortable in how she looks in the mirror

Not dreading the short sleeves 

And moving better ☺ 

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