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I don’t have the discipline

So I got quite a few messages after sharing the results from Cassie, Naomi, Julie and co.

Some ladies saying things like:

“I wish I had the discipline to do that”

“that must have taken so much willpower”


And I get this.

Sometimes you see transformations and success stories

and it actually gets you down.

Makes you think that you couldn’t do that.

But here’s the thing.

I was reading a book the other day (well I was actually listening to it)

It’s called the ‘ONE Thing’ ..

And it basically asks you the question:

“What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Because behind every successful person?

Is their ONE thing…

So what I am going to share with you today is the 

ONE thing that through experience?

Tends to get the best results with ladies over 40 who have tried all the diets before

They know what to do, mainly eat healthily, but struggle with snacking, comfort eating and motivation…

And that is:

To WRITE down what you eat.



Because it brings your attention to what you are DOING…

And I get it..

If you eat similar stuff each day…

Think you eat healthily already?

I’d suggest you actually track your food on an app that counts your calories for a week. 

Not forever…

Just for a week or so..

Because this will give the FACTS…


Whether the ‘healthy’ food are high in calories?

Why you are hungry? ( are you low on protein?)

I could go on..

And I get this is inconvenient. 

It takes a bit of time..

But it is more inconvenient (in my opinion) jumping from diet to diet

Looking for the secret..

Wondering why you aren’t losing weight even though you think you are eating healthily…

Or worse?

Beating yourself up for stopping and starting 

(which is exhausting)

Because once you do this for a little bit of time

And you get a better idea of what portion sizes should be ?

It becomes a habit to just -almost subconsciously – make better decisions

Just like Sally said last week:

“The last 2 weeks seem to have been ‘easy’, clearly my subconscious mind is getting through as I have managed to avoid snacking on crisps and biscuits and am not craving them but 

preferring to grab a glass of water! 

Have also made a conscious effort to increase protein at lunch which seems to be helping”

Because once you do the ONE thing..for long enough that it becomes habit?

It becomes – as Sally says – almost ‘easy’

Matt ‘one thing’ Fruci